Youth Talk About Race

December 19, 2018

The youth panelists from United Voices for Children’s August 25th workshop, Colors of Love: Raising Children in a Racially Unjust World, have spoken out in a video broadcast.  Jaelyn Pirtle (Gorham UMC, Chicago), Lucy Hermann (Trinity UMC, Mt. Prospect) and Abigail Mendoza (First UMC, Park Ridge) were interviewed on a recent Different Drummers show produced by Greater Chicago Broadcast Ministries.

In this 10-minute video Jaelyn, Lucy and Abigail reflect on their experience of being on the panel at the Colors of Love workshop and share their observations about how race appears and is addressed in their communities. They call for churches, schools and other group to engage in more open dialogue about race and how it affects the lives of so many persons.

UVC commends Jaelyn, Lucy and Abigail speaking out publicly about a subject that too often is kept under wraps.  They model the importance of taking risks to deal with questions and challenges around race that deeply impact the lives of children, youth and families and keep us from realizing God’s Beloved Community.  UVC board president Robert Biekman affirmed that “The Colors of Love event and the testimony of these youth represent an opportunity for United Voices for Children to create brave space, bring relevant resources and connect people who serve youth at the intersection of mercy and justice in effective ways.”