United Voices for Children is a coalition of congregations, agencies, groups and individuals in the Northern Illinois Conference of The United Methodist Church that speaks and acts on behalf of children, youth and families in need.


UVC Seeks Policy Coordinator

United Voices for Children invites applications for a newly-created part-time position of Policy Coordinator.  This position will identify and and coordinate the dissemination of public policy initiatives and legislation that impacts children, youth and families in Northern Illinois.

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UVC Enables "Delving Deeper" into Race

For the last three years, under the aegis of the theme Skin in The Game, United Voices for Children (UVC) has succeeded in creating courageous space and facilitating critical conversations on how race—on both a systemic and individual basis—affects the ways that children and families are served. This year’s workshop, held on September 14th and entitled “Delving Deeper; Race and Well-Being,” convened a diverse group of more than 50 people, including, faith leaders, educators and social workers who serve children and their families.

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Register Now for Delving Deeper: Race & Well-being Workshop

Registration is open for the Delving Deeper: Racism & Well-Being workshop coming up on Saturday morning, September 14, 2019.  Delving Deeper will feature Dr. Marcus Campbell, Aracely Canchola and Taya Kinzie, LCSW--Evanston Township High School's best--engaging participants in a deeper look at the interconnectedness of race and well-being, reflecting on personal identity and biases, as they related to our relationships with others. 

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Child Advocacy Award Has Staying Power

The question of the day should always be: “How are the children doing today?” People in children, youth, family ministry and related child-centered fields know that when the children are thriving, love and justice abide. United Voices for Children honors persons every year who provide outstanding leadership, service and advocacy in programs with children and youth.

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Forethoughts for Fifth Sunday Appeal

I am always on the lookout for engaging ideas for Children's Messages during worship...plus it is important to help our children and families make important connections to giving and receiving as people of faith. Recently, I was able to do this during the month of December--a great time of year to model giving and receiving! Plus, December has 5 Sundays in it, so I knew there was an opportunity to promote the 5th Sunday Appeal for United Voices for Children.

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Star Words

Churches often mark the end of Christmas with a retelling of the visit of the Magi, or wisemen, on Epiphany (January 6). The Magi’s support and savvy may make them the earliest recorded child advocates. They serve as an example of how we might advocate and support children in Illinois throughout the coming year.

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Affiliated Agencies

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