Relational Meetings

May 9, 2017

One of the most helpful tools in my ministry toolbox is the relational meeting (or one on one). Meeting with visitors, church members and community leaders, usually over coffee, helps me to get to know them. More importantly, it helps me to build a powerful network of people who are share similar motivations. In my role in local church, relational meetings have helped me to build engaged teams of people who lead our children’s and youth ministries.

In my work with United Voices for Children, I am connected with a growing group of people who are passionate about the same things I am: helping all children live healthy, happy lives. Children in our communities face a variety of complex challenges to their social, emotional, physical, and spiritual development.

Relational meetings are one of the tools United Voices for Children is using to build our advocacy base to address the complex problems children in the Chicago area face. UVC is a coalition of congregations, agencies, groups and individuals in the Northern Illinois Conference of The United Methodist Church that speaks and acts on behalf of children, youth and families in need. The UVC board is in the process of growing our network to become an even more powerful voice for children.

Perhaps you are part of a church ministry serving children. Perhaps you work with a community organization. Perhaps you are an elected official.  Perhaps you know you want to help but don’t know how. Whatever your role, if you share our passion for advocating on behalf of children and youth in need, we want to connect with you!  Please contact one of our board members to have a conversation

Christine Hides is the Director of Ministries with Children and Youth at Northbrook UMC in Northbrook, IL. She is an active member of United Voices for Children and Christians Engaged in Faith Formation. She blogs at