Public policy for struggling children and families

After being in this pandemic for almost two years, many vulnerable children and families are still struggling. It is critically important for faith communities to advocate for public policies that support children and families to counter the effects from both the pandemic and poverty. Therefore, we must tell our political leaders to support policies that sustain and strengthen the overall well-being of children and families. We must urge our legislators to work collectively on behalf of these vulnerable members of our communities.

Supporting effective and life-giving public policies is how we can eradicate poverty, systemic racism, and the dire effects from this pandemic. This fight to level the playing field, and to provide every child the opportunity to be their very best, starts with good public policies such as the Child Tax Credit and The American Rescue Plan. These policies not only support vulnerable families but can change the trajectory of their lives.

Because these policies have the potential for alleviating the burden of poverty for so many children and families, let us do our part as the collective faith community and advocate for vulnerable children and families. Let us do our part tell our members of Congress to support public policies that help children and families. Let us do our part tell others to advocate for the needs of children and families. It is up to all of us to help children and families. Let us collectively do God’s good work.    

Rev. Beverly Dukes, UVC Public Policy Coordinator

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