Past UVC President Featured in Sun-Times Article

photo courtesy of Chicago Sun-Times

On February 15, Chicago Sun-Times posted the article “COVID a killer for the obese: ‘Like pouring gasoline on top of a fire’” by Brett Chase featuring Rev. Robert Biekman, former United Voices for Children Board President. 

The article highlighted the efforts of Chicago churches to target obesity in their community because it leads to a higher risk of lethal complications from COVID-19. Rev. Biekman spoke to his own experience contracting COVID-19 in January and how it would have been a different story for him if he would have gotten sick when he was at his top weight of 360 pounds. After a major life change in 2017, Rev. Biekman is currently at a healthy 190 pounds. 

According to the article, obesity is a major health concern for all demographic groups: 40% of Blacks, 30% of whites and 34% of hispanics are considered obese.

Together with Rev. Otis Moss of Chicago: Trinity UMC, Rev. Biekman has been involved in instituting a major initiatives to improve preventative health care on Chicago’s South Side. The article illustrates how religious leaders can inspire and move their congregations to better choices for their health. 

Click here to read the article. 

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