CEJA: a way to care for God’s earth

Scientists now agree that the repeated use and emission of fossil fuels has negatively affected the planet. Because of our behavior, the temperature of the earth has increased at an alarming rate, causing more wildfires, hurricanes and tornadoes to occur than in the past. The abundance of greenhouse gases in our atmosphere will harm future generations if we do not intentionally take the necessary steps to care for God’s earth. Together with the effects of climate change, environmental injustices and the COVID-19 pandemic have had a devastating effect on struggling families and children.  

As stewards of God’s resources, we are charged with the responsibility to care for God’s earth and all creatures—and there are ways we can collectively care for God’s planet and the struggling residents of Illinois. The Clean Energy Jobs Act of Illinois addresses the issues surrounding climate change, environmental injustices, and the pandemic, and how these issues have affected struggling families. The Illinois Clean Jobs Coalition notes that “with the Clean Energy Jobs Act (CEJA), Illinois can create long-term answers to the public health and economic challenges posed by the novel coronavirus. In addition, the CEJA would improve air quality, which reduces risks and susceptibility to COVID-19 and put people back to work, especially in communities of color and places where coal-fired electricity plants operate. CEJA was created with equity and environment justice at its core.”[1]  

Today, we can advocate for the Clean Energy Job Act and collectively fight against global warming, environmental injustice and COVID-19. Talk to your congregations, constituents and community organizers about the CEJA. In addition, contact your elected officials and tell them to pass this bill into law, so that we can slow global warming, stop the spread of COVID-19 and create clean energy jobs for vulnerable families and their children.

Beverly Dukes, Policy Coordinator
United Voices for Children

[1] “Clean Energy Jobs Act” Illinois Clean Jobs Coalition, accessed September 1, 2021, https://ilcleanjobs.org/who-we-are/clean-energy-jobs-act/

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