2021 Illinois Kids Count Report Released

2021 Illinois KIDS COUNT ReportPoverty is a systemic and devastating economic condition that is pervasive throughout the United States. This adverse reality has a distressing effect on children, causing emotional, mental, and physical problems—and the COVID-19 pandemic has only exacerbated an already difficult situation for children and their families. 

Voices for Illinois Children recently released is the 2021 Illinois KIDS COUNT Report, which examines child poverty before and during the pandemic through a multidimensional lens with analytical focuses on its many aspects. The information this report provides is essential for our continued efforts of child advocacy. The KIDS COUNT report will provide local congregations, missions, extended ministries, community organizers, constituents, stakeholders and other concerned citizens with information on why child poverty exists and how to eradicate it.

The work of social justice for Illinois’ children living in and below the poverty level can occur through our collective efforts. Our local churches and surrounding communities can do this work with God’s help so that every child in Illinois has enough resources and supports to be their best selves. The 2021 Illinois KIDS COUNT report is a tool and resource to assist all of us in this fight for social justice for every child living in Illinois and beyond. Click here to read the report.

Pastor Beverly Dukes, Policy Coordinator

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