United Voices for Children is a coalition of congregations, agencies, groups and individuals in the Northern Illinois Conference of The United Methodist Church that speaks and acts on behalf of children, youth and families in need.


Observe Children's Sabbath This Fall

The 2016 National Observance of Children’s Sabbath is coming up October 21-23. Children’s Sabbath, sponsored by the Children’s Defense Fund, is an interfaith celebration in which congregations hold special worship services, education programs, and advocacy activities to engage people of faith in the lives of children and their families.

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Trauma Workshops Offered for Congregations

ChildServ and Rosecrance have teamed-up to offer workshops to help equip our churches to learn how to recognize and empathically engage those who are suffering from trauma.

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United Voices for Children Announces Annual Awards

United Voices for Children has announced the recipients of its 2016 annual awards for outstanding advocacy and service for children and youth in Northern Illinois.

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Older news…


How We Got to This Point...

The Rev. Coyd Taggart, expressed his concern for the welfare of children and their families by organizing United Voices for Children in 1978 while serving as the Executive Director of the Lake Bluff Children’s Home (now ChildServ). Taggart drew on the strengths of the other Methodist-related child-serving agencies in Northern Illinois and urged these agencies to join this new organization to advocate for the concerns of children and families.

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Empowering Voices of Child Advocates

“Don’t wait to use your voice!” read my notes from the 2016 Proctor Institute for Child Advocacy sponsored by the Children’s Defense Fund. Often, those of us who are called to protect and support children and youth hesitate to speak up. If you, like me, hesitate, at times, to use the full power of your voice, the Proctor Institute is a place to be inspired, renewed and informed.

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Kids at risk

Folks who write about kids at risk use “evidence-based” data to tell us what’s happening “on the ground.” This is the one certainty whenever we evaluate the adolescent experience of drugs and/or alcohol. What they experience as an “upper” eventually becomes a downer. And when they land, they land hard. Sometimes upside-down—but always on the ground.

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Affiliated Agencies

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